So Your Boyfriend Breaks Up With You


Well, we all have to go through the hell of breakups. But if you are sure you have found true love as I am, there is no sense sulking in a corner. Instead, find a way on how to get your ex boyfriend back. With the right system, you can well do so. Believe me, I’m living a happy ever after with my ex. We are now parents to two beautiful daughters.

After some period of grieving, I have found the M3 system, which suggested some ways on how I can get my ex boyfriend back without being manipulative or coercive. Before I found it, I was solved to the idea that I’m letting true love get away over trivial matters. Relationship expert Michael Griswold however opened my eyes to greater things. He suggested a helpful guide that made me realize that I got to do what I got to do. Otherwise, I will be lonely the rest of my life.

Have the Right Mindset

First off, I needed to have the right mindset. Sulking in a corner, feeling suicidal and depressive certainly did not help. So I decided to rise above my depression and get over that dark phase in my life.

My ex boyfriend would RRA 250x250_2probably just realize he made the right choice of leaving me behind if he would see me in a depressive state.

I moved forward accepting the fact that my boyfriend just broke up with me. That’s where all my effort started. I tried improving myself, being not a totally new me but an improved me. I know that changing my entire being will also make me lose the characteristics that my ex beau loved me in the first place.

Having the right attitude and then trying to develop some maturity also made me see what I did wrong to make the relationship head to splitsville. I made adjustments here and there until I find myself bolder, more open minded, and more lovable. I also developed a playful sense of having fun, which I lacked during those times that I was still with my boyfriend. I was all serious at that time and I lost my sense of humor. For sure, that’ also one thing that made my beloved lose interest.

Have the Right Method

Next up, I decided on the right method that will make me win him back without force. I tried making friends with him again so he gets a clearer, closer view of the changed me. Good thing, making friends was not at all difficult because I knew we loved each other. I think one of the things that our relationship lack then was the element of friendship. So by hitting it off as friends, I knew we are starting anew on the right footing.

Have the Heart to Move Forward

productimage2As the M3 system made me realize, there is no sense crying over spilled milk. That’s why I made a note to myself not to bring back the old issues over and over. I just moved forward with the friendship we have developed after we came back to speaking terms. In no time, I see love unfolds. Of course, since I was dreaming about it since day one of breaking up, I was just too excited to say “yes” when he popped in the question about making a lifetime commitment to be with him. The rest, as they say, is history.

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