Is Texting Effective in Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back?

texting your ex

Based on my experience, no. Simple texting would not be enough to mend a broken heart after a breakup. It took serious effort and a good load of patience for me to try and work it out with the person I loved and still do after she called it quits. I’ll share with you the four things I did.

Get your Life Back Together

A breakup is a complicated, painful process. But you have to face it with your mind clear of why it happened in the first place. You need to get over all the hurt so you can bring yourself back together. Nobody would want to get back with a loser so that’s one thing you should keep a close attention to.

Before you make the move back to her, make sure that you try and improve yourself so the breakup does not happen again. If you are the same you, there is a very good chance she will hate you again and again, pushing her to take you out of her life completely.

Make a clear perspective of what you are and where you are right now. Sometimes, being in a relationship diminishes your time for yourself, making it impossible for you to reflect on the things you need to work on to make a better you. Well, this breakup period is a great time for it. Do not waste it on sulking in a corner because that definitely would not help.

Pick up the Right Attitude

RRA 250x250_2Girls mostly look for maturity in a guy. They want someone who is independent, can think upright, and still know what it takes to have fun and enjoy life. It can be overwhelming to be all that overnight so don’t try to be so. Like me, you can work on it little by little.

First off, try to drop childish attitudes such as being jealous and anxious. Instead, try being more secure with yourself. You also need to play a good sense of humor. A mix of a playful and mature attitude hit it right with the girls, you know.

Prepare for your Come Back

There is no need to divulge your intention of getting it on again with your ex girlfriend. Instead, set the stage for it by bringing back the friendship through baby steps. You have to respect your girl’s need to be alone and not wanting to see you. But when she is over with all the hurt as well, she would be ready to get back to you, even as just a friend.

Being friends will help you and her to discover what it feels like being together. Also, when you start showing her how much you have improved yourself, she would definitely want to be with you again.

The secret is playing the game in a subtle manner. Show her that some other girls are up to getting your attention and for sure, she will start seeing your worth again.

Try the M3 System

This is one of the best things I have found as help. The M3 system directed me with the right perspective and the right attitude to be ready getting back with my ex. It laid down the stage for me having a hand on my relationship with very simple steps that are easy to follow. It definitely helped me get me where I am and how happy I am today.

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